Apartment Security Guidelines For New Tenants

February 25, 2016

If you have recently rented an apartment in the city and you feel you could use some additional security measures, you've reached the right place. As a tenants, your security concerns are quite unique. Since you will be living in close proximity to other tenants, and you will be dealing with a lot of foot traffic in your complex, your apartment is submitted to a higher risk of intrusion. Below you will discover a few useful tips on how to keep your place safer afetr signing the lease.

What To Do Prior To Moving In

  • Prior to picking your next place to rent, think in terms of security.

  • Research the level of local crime in the area and pick a neighborhood with low crime rates. Research all troubling activities before committing to a lease and get in touch with the local police, neighbors, and the landlord to get an honest picture of what life will be like there.residential locksmiths install door locks

  • Look for any broken windows, water stains, or cracked drywall, indicators of the landlord's lack of concern. See if the lawn and landscaping are well-kept. If the answer is no, it might be an indicator that they do not truly care about general security either.

  • Take a look at the lights in the entrances, hallways, and parking areas, stairways, or elevator. If these areas are not well-lit at night, they will give offenders the opportunity to use them as hideouts.

Study The Apartment Entrances

Take a look at the main building entrance and see if they require any keys or pass codes. Is there a buzzer installed? Break-ins and loitering or solicitors can be prevented a lot easier with the help of intercom systems. Pay attention to the door to the apartment you are about to rent and see if it has a peephole on it. If so, try it out and see if it is working fine. It could help you keep questionable characters out.

Install New Locks On The Doors

Talk to the landlord and see if they will allow you to install new locks on the doors so you can cut the risk of unauthorized persons being able to gain access to your apartment. While most landlords will claim they have replaced the locks used by their previous tenants, in reality, this only rarely occurs. Chances are they solely rotated the old locks between apartments, and some of the extra keys were not returned. In other words, you have no real way of knowing how many keys have disappeared. Talk to the landlord replacing the old locks with new ones with the help of a residential locksmith than handles all types of locks, including dead bolt locks, mortise locks, and even electric locks, though they cost more. Never take the risk of having someone be able to return to your rental apartment with an old key.

Reinforce the locks on the windows, if any, or have some installed. If you have windows on the ground level, have them checked by a licensed home locksmith and treat them like potential entry points for burglars. Ensure all locks are working properly and cannot be easily manipulated from the outside.




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